Mulberry ,

Mulberry , silkworms

  • Mulberry leaf tea is good for constipation, high blood pressure, diabetes, neutral fat generation, anti-aging.
Special features of goods
  • ilkworms (pill, powdered silkworm) : good for lowering blood sugar, preventing artery hardening, cancer, liver toxicity and blood clot
  • mulberry (powdered mulberry leaf, pill made of mulberry leaf): good for lowering cholesterol level, anti-aging, vitalizing intestinal functions, lowering neutral fat/ has GABA 10 times more than green tea, ingredient for lowering blood pressure and RUTIN 3.8 times more than green tea ingredient for lowering blood clot, calcium 50 times more than spinach/Decaffnated / is full of minerals and ingredients for health
  • Mulberry: good for anti-aging, treating retina diseases, improving eye sight, antioxidant activity, better digestion, prevention of stroke, constipation and asthma