(waxy corn)

Chaloksusu(waxy corn)

Chaloksusu (waxy corn) of Hwasun, Region of Cheonbul Cheontop Unjusa Temple
  • Waxy corn of Hwasun-gun is produced by This corn is produced in the blessed nature where old-days spirit of Unju gol is contained in the soil as the dreams of liberal ordinary people are contained in the Unjusa Temple of Cheonbul Cheontop and the sky, the earth and fresh air and clean water are mingled with each other.
Plump and eco-friendly wax corns of Hwasun only one of which is raised only in one branch.
  • Giving sufficient nutrients to raise corns by adding a lot of compost, removing side branches for remaining only 1 original branch in order to make the corns plump by raising only of them only in a branch. For an eco-friendly and low pesticide cultivation, mulching is made in furrows by spreading improved felt on without spraying weed controller
Ingredient of corn
  • Protein 9.65%, starch 69.7%, crude cellulose 2.1%, crude fat 5.3%, ash 1.52%, have 2~3 times higher cellulose than other grains
  • Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, B1, B2, Naiaci
Ways to eat waxy corn
  • Steamed corn: Remove vacuum-pack and heat in microwave or slow cooker
  • Corn boiled rice- wash rice, pick corn kernel and cook rice
  • Corn porridge: soak rice and corn, grind them and cook rice
  • Grilled corn with butter, corn bread, corn pancake