(wood-cultivated ginseng)

Sanyangsam(wood-cultivated ginseng)

Originator of Koryo ginseng which is authenticated by the International Sansam (wild ginseng) Society
  • anyangsam was started to be cultivated after collecting wild ginseng seeds in Dongbok, Hwansun-gun several thousands years ago..
  • Sanyangsam was cultivated in the period of King Heonjong and King Sukjong of Koryo Dynasty in the whole area of Mt. Mohusan, Dongbok-myeon and Dongboksam (Dongbok ginseng), as the origin of Sanyang, was introduced to Gaesung and became Gaesunginsam (Gaesung Ginseng). (See, Jeungbo literature)
Representative special product of Hwasun-gun: 36 households 124 ha (having historic site and natural environment and restoring old days reputation)
Sanyangsam, equivalent to wild ginseng
  • Sanyangsam which grows up from the seed in the ground where drainage is good; moisture, nutrients and sun lights are affluent with humus; and it is cautiously cultivated thereafter to avoid damage even on a root of it