• Hwasun-gun (county) is adjacent to Gwangju city and is well known as its green area with mountains and clean water where various culture, tourism and leisure facilities are well equipped including the Dolmen Park, a world heritage where over 1,000 year old culture is kept alive, Unjusa Temple, a mystical antique temple keeping the legend of 'thousands of statue of the Buddha and pagoda‘, Ssangbongsa Temple, the place where the Zen sect of Buddhism in Korea first started, hot spring resorts and golf courses, and recreation forest.
    The County is located in the center of Jeollanam-do province and becomes a key point of traffic running in all directions and a pleasant place to live in. It is also seeking to assert itself by trying to become a city of medical and biotechnology complex by setting a solid foundation for bio-pharmaceutical industry through attracting companies such as, Green Cross, the only vaccine manufacturing factory in Korea, and Cheonnam Univ. Hospital.
    I and 700 public servants will put out best and continuous efforts in making 'pleasant Hwasun',
    and 'Hwasun to become a place where residents manage happy lives' by realizing its long-term goals through communicative services.
    I hope you give us your interest and support to Hwasun-gun. May your
    family be blessed with good health and happiness.
    Choong Gon Koo, Governor of Hwasun-gun county